Friday, 7 June 2013


I wanted to show you a project I did last winter, we live in an old house and so draft excluders are very useful!  But I wanted to make ours abit more personal

and so needle pointed it with the name of our house 'Mouisonniere'
An unusual name I know, but there is logic I promise.......

From our bedroom we look out over the north of Herm, the beach that runs along the north coast is called Mouisonniere (Moo-son-i-air) as is the little islet that is just off it. 
 And in my heart of heart I believe we can see it! 

Its our favourite beach over there as it is usually so much emptier than its neighbour 'Shell' so plenty of scope of private picnics, with the odd glass of rose.

And at low tide there are the most amazing rock pools to explore.

That's Mouisonniere islet in the back ground.

And the islet and beach from the boat when we were Puffin watching
Which is rather apt as I have discovered that Mouison is Guernsey French for bird and the Mouisonniere comes from when tax was paid to the land owner in wheat and it was the word for what was accepted would have been eaten by the birds of the crop.
Well who knew that!!!!!

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