Saturday, 23 May 2015

Loafers wall

I meant to post this last year when they put this plaque up, but things happened, so sorry its late, but I think its an unusual memorial with a very human touch.
At the bottom of Cornet Street is the beautiful granite stone work of the Loafers Wall,
so called because when it was built in the very early part of the nineteenth century,
it was were all the young men used to congregate, leaning on it and chatting.
So it seemed an apt memorial to that lost generation.

Loafers Wall
This wall was refurbished by the St Peter Port Constables and dedicated by His Excellency
the Lieutenant-Governor Air Marshal Peter Walker on 10th May 2014,
in remembrance of the Guernsey men who fought and died
during the war of 1914-1918 

And as a lovely finishing touch hanging baskets have been put along the length of the wall full of the wild flowers found in the battle fields of Flanders.
They will not be forgotten.

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