Monday, 8 June 2015

patchworking for a few years I think......

I think I will need to lay this issue at my Mothers feet!
As I was growing up, the moto I absorbed is that 'there is no guilt in buying books or fabric'
And I still live by that!
So now I have over flowing book cases (which I love)
 and a fabric hoard that fills one whole cupboard

and two large boxes under our bed.....
......and a lot are very silly sizes, mere scraps, something needed to be done.
Well I was introducing my self to Pinterest and came across some amazing patchwork quilts, and that really was the kick up the watsit I needed.
I have always loved the look of a traditional English Paper Piecing quilt, using lots of scraps of fabric that hold memories for you.  But I had never done any patchwork at all ever. And I want to make this for our bed.....which is a super kingsize. Is this a good idea?  Have I bitten off too much??
Well there is only one way to find out and that is to go for it!

The pattern I decided on was traditional but not so common, three little rectangles.  And I am working them in squares, so five little squares by five.  This photo above is nearly three of them. 

The reason being, that if I feel this project is tooooo big then by doing it in squares at a later date I can just make it in to a throw to go over the sofa or something?  Its my 'get out of jail free card'!
I really love how its looking already, there are scraps from our curtains, my Liberty shirts, Chris's old work shirts, tops I had as a teenager, dresses I have made, bits friends have given me, all in all a proper memory quilt.

Though I must admit I have brought a few pieces for it, so maybe it has achieved my aim entirely!
Think this will take rather a long time to finish, but I am loving doing it and will do some more posts on it later (months or years who knows!)

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