Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Chapelle dom Hue

It was a beautiful day on Sunday and we were pootling around the west coast. Just past Lihou headland we saw that the tide was low enough that we could walk out to
the islet of La Cappelle or Chapelle dom Hue.
Its that tiny area of pale rock and grass on the horizon, had never walked out there, so why not!

Would you believe that this isn't low tide, it had another two and a half hours to go!  There was a tidal range of nine and a half meters that day!  We are at the edge of the bay of St Malo which is featured in the top 10 largest tides 3 times!

As we approached, we could see a rough cross at an angle, and we wondered if was an unofficial memorial to some one lost at sea.
But when I go home I googled the islet and discovered that it was actually the site of a 12th century monks cell, well that makes sense, its so close to the monastery on Lihou.

 Its beautiful tiny place, covered in rock sampire, an edible sea shore plant, with a unique flavour, I like nibbling it but wouldn't want to eat lots!

Stunning views up the coast to Fort Houmet at the north end of Vazon, where the shell grotto was. 
Enjoying the early Autumn sunshine, with Lihou island behind me.
Back on Guernsey side, I thought I would show you the amazing stone work of some of our slipways.
These weren't built to get boats up and down from the beaches, but for horse and carts collecting vraic or seaweed which was used for an iodine rich fertiliser.
And at the top you can see they were preparing for the high tide later on, hope nobody ended up with wet carpets!

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