Monday, 24 February 2014

The January Bread Baker

Ok, I know its nearly the end of February, but I wanted to show you what Chris produced in January for his New Year Resolution! And life got in front of me, so apologies and here they are now!
A fluffy and crispy white bloomer, great for sandwiches..

Delicious green olive ciabatta bread sticks, also great plain or with sun dried tomatoes, he has made these a few time now, very very good ;-)

Pitta Bread, great with houmous and salad, and being home made makes all the difference

Does pizza dough count as bread?  Not sure?  But it has yeast in it and has to prove.....
Once again beats the socks of shop bought ones, Saturday night is now pizza night!
And last but not least a birthday present for Chris's brother-in-law who makes cider, cider and apple bread!
A denser loaf, would make yummy toast. ummmmmm
Well this is definitely a New Years resolution that needs to last for ever :-)

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

a project in the pipe line

Well just had a brilliant week away, and back to reality!
The Tapestry Gallery is opening in just over 3 weeks time and still need to get the stock take done and finish a project for my old school.  But first I wanted to show you a peak of something I am working on with the Priaulx Libary, but my lips are sealed!  
More later :-)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Amazing Maicies Imagination

Wanted to show you a commission I did just before Christmas.
Maicie is beautiful daughter of a friend and she loves butterflies, bumblebees!  Not the easiest to combine, in the end we went for two little Maicies!
One above the water....

...and one below the water!!
I was really pleased with them, and I believe Maicie is too.