Friday, 12 January 2018

Gorgeous Graffiti

Over Christmas we had a couple nights in Winchester, 
it was was where I did my degrees, so it was a pleasure to show Chris my memories of the city. Including the Cathedral.
When my Mum was ill I spend a lot of time in there, 
its a very calm place as well a stunningly beautiful.
But strangely the thing I have always found most fascinating
 is all the old, old graffiti, 
carved into the pillars.
Some of them are very deep, must of taken hours and hours
you then start finding dates, is this really 1737.....
......or 1681....or are these numbers something else?
There has pretty much always been soldiers in Winchester, so they might be regiment numbers?

But these two are definitely dates!  
What strange things have you found in unexpected places?

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

the staring tree!

Not totally sure whu, but this year I decided against having a tree and have gone for a star instead.....
.....I found a beautiful wooden stat in Evie and Me in town and it was perfect. 
 I replace the rope hanging loop with silver ribbon and wrapped it round with 
ivy from the garden held on with florists wire.
I love the battery operated fairy lights you can get these days, it means you can put a bit of sparkle into all sorts of spaces, such as here. Then raiding my decoration box, I went for a peacock theme, with a very smart chap over seeing the center of the star...
...and butterflies decorated with peacock feathers ....
...and loose feathers every where else.  I know some people believe peacock feathers are bad luck, but not me, I love them and I love my star!!!
Happy Christmas xxx

Friday, 15 December 2017

Christmas Guernsey part 2

As I said last year I am not a fan of Christmas jumpers,  
but there is still Christmas Jumper Day and  Chris cant be the only one in his office not wearing one!
So this year I got my hands on his blue and red White Stuff jumper.

and I attacked it with jingle bells.  They will be able to know exactly where he is!
Happy Chris?

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

my life is in sketchbooks

 Every few years I come to a big moment, a new sketchbook!  
This one above is now full and it was started in 2012. 
For me a sketch book is more of an ideas book. Its where I jot down ideas, make notes, stick in articles and photos that I like and of course some sketching!  Its a way I can look back at ideas and memories and maybe draw from them in the future.
 This is my sketch book before last, the cover was a piece of embroidery I had done when I had broken my ankle and was stuck on the sofa for a few weeks!
 But this was my first ornately covered sketch book,
 before my books, were covered but just in simple fabric or leather.
 A few page from my last sketch book
 showing sketching, image and ideas...
 ....some pages are better than others, but its about a record, a record of thoughts and inspirations.
This is my new sketch book and as you see I am definitely carrying on with embellished covers, which make me happy!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017


 Last month I learnt a new skill,
icing gingerbread!
I had first seen lace-like icing (see above) when we were in Colmar back in 2012.
So when i was given a chance to have a go, I jumped at the chance, and I must say I am hooked.
These are my attempts below, need more practice, but I must say I am pleased with my first attempted.  And I must say I never knew trucks, helicopters, diggers and planes could be Christmasy!