Wednesday, 15 August 2018

another use for old jeans

Just a quick post, I wanted to show you a little project I did last month.
My husband needed to store away his winter clothes, and I was pained to buy another one, as much as anything they are ugly.  So I thought actually that would be another good use for the pile of old jeans I have collected over the years and ta da, voila! 
Really please with how it turned out, actually rather jealous.
And actually could also make a rather good bean bag.....

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Hearts for WW1

Earlier this year I read a piece in a magazine about this amazing project
and I signed up straight away.  I have found these hearts fascinating since I first saw one in the window of an antique shop here.  They are the first example of Occupational Therapy 
being used in the UK and they are stunning.
Mine blank heart arrived and was numbered 43, I obviously was very early in ordering as she has made 1,568 blank hearts, one for every day of World War 1.

I did attempt to decorate with beads and sequins, not sure what I was doing wrong but just could not get the sequin pins to stay in.  So I went back to what I know, embroidery.  The lines of back stitch are to represent the contour line of the horrendous trenches with the poppies then rising out of them.

I made the poppies by first ironing black interfacing on to some red and black shot fabric I had, then cutting out oval shapes, as I wanted them to be stylised like the poppies we buy for Remembrance Sunday.

They were then anchored in place with two sizes of black beads.
Pleased with the end result, but there really are some amazing ones being sent in which are being posted of their Facebook page.  I do hope I can get up to Scarbourgh to see the exhibition in November, I think it will be very moving indeed.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

a post war story

A post war story

Last month a German lady was in the gallery and we were having a good long chat, she had been to the gallery before and was a regular visitor to Guernsey.  So after a while I felt comfortable in asking her about the pin she was wearing (see above).  I had seen them with a Guernsey flag crossed with the Union Jack or German flag but not this one.
Well it turned out it was the flag of Biberach which is the town in southern Germany where the internment camp for Channel Islanders was during World War 2.  The island and the town now have a strong link, with visiting, choir, group and VIPs etc.

She very kindly then gave me my own pin.

We carrier on chatting, with me talking about how my father had been in Guernsey as a boy during the Occupation, and she had just visited German Naval Signals Headquarters
 and as her father had worked in the GNSH in Brest, Britany 
he had probably regularly communicated with the soldiers stationed in St Peter Port. 

What I thought was so nice was we were both catching about our fathers experiences during the war, on opposite side, yet it was relaxed and friendly. As it should be.  
After all in did all happen a life time ago.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Freedom shoes (Liberty Espadrilles)

Earlier on this year I noticed that my local haby Creaseys was selling espadrille soles, what a lovely idea!  They very kindly ordered them in in my size, have rather large feet.....and I started looking for inspiration. 

I have box of fabric strips, mainly Liberty Tawn Lawn which I had used for decoupage, 
that were perfect. The backing was just a pair of old jeans. 
You draw round the pattern provided with the soles and then get creative.

I simply stitched the stripes down with a line of back stitch in embroidery silk, 
so that the fraid edge of the fabric was a feature.

It was only after I had finished the tops that I realised the denim had some stretch....
not what you want for the top of a shoe!  So I backed them with a woven interfacing. 

Creaseys by now were also selling the espadrille thread, a nice strong (red)  cotton, 
perfect for doing the traditional blanket stitch to hold the top to the bottom. 
The only problem I had was as you fold the fabric under to do the blanket stitch, it meant I was sewing through two layers of denim and interfacing plus the rope sole, so I ended up having to use a pair of pliers to pull the needle through!
Must say I am very please with how they turned out, I decided not to do the backs as when I used to wear espadrilles a lot and you always stood on the backs, so why bother with them in the first place?

And today they have had their first outing in the sun!

Saturday, 2 June 2018

That gold cross!

 I do always like a challenging question!

Well we all know that the Guernsey Flag is a mix of
 the Cross of St George and the Cross of William the Conqueror - Duke of Normandy.  
 But last week a gentleman who was a keen history buff
 said he had never seen Williams cross before,  stopping to think about it neither had I. 
 Later in town I bumped into the Head of Museums here, and so I asked him.

Turns out in 1066 William persuaded Pope Alexander 2 to send him a papal banner, 
to show him backing of Williams invasion plans.

 As you can see it is definitely the gold cross from the center of our flag.
 It also features a fair few time in the Bayeux Tapestry, though you do seem to have to know what you are looking for, its not obvious.
So we now know, and I bet you anything I am never asked that question again!!!!!