Wednesday, 20 December 2017

the staring tree!

Not totally sure whu, but this year I decided against having a tree and have gone for a star instead.....
.....I found a beautiful wooden stat in Evie and Me in town and it was perfect. 
 I replace the rope hanging loop with silver ribbon and wrapped it round with 
ivy from the garden held on with florists wire.
I love the battery operated fairy lights you can get these days, it means you can put a bit of sparkle into all sorts of spaces, such as here. Then raiding my decoration box, I went for a peacock theme, with a very smart chap over seeing the center of the star...
...and butterflies decorated with peacock feathers ....
...and loose feathers every where else.  I know some people believe peacock feathers are bad luck, but not me, I love them and I love my star!!!
Happy Christmas xxx

Friday, 15 December 2017

Christmas Guernsey part 2

As I said last year I am not a fan of Christmas jumpers,  
but there is still Christmas Jumper Day and  Chris cant be the only one in his office not wearing one!
So this year I got my hands on his blue and red White Stuff jumper.

and I attacked it with jingle bells.  They will be able to know exactly where he is!
Happy Chris?

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

my life is in sketchbooks

 Every few years I come to a big moment, a new sketchbook!  
This one above is now full and it was started in 2012. 
For me a sketch book is more of an ideas book. Its where I jot down ideas, make notes, stick in articles and photos that I like and of course some sketching!  Its a way I can look back at ideas and memories and maybe draw from them in the future.
 This is my sketch book before last, the cover was a piece of embroidery I had done when I had broken my ankle and was stuck on the sofa for a few weeks!
 But this was my first ornately covered sketch book,
 before my books, were covered but just in simple fabric or leather.
 A few page from my last sketch book
 showing sketching, image and ideas...
 ....some pages are better than others, but its about a record, a record of thoughts and inspirations.
This is my new sketch book and as you see I am definitely carrying on with embellished covers, which make me happy!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017


 Last month I learnt a new skill,
icing gingerbread!
I had first seen lace-like icing (see above) when we were in Colmar back in 2012.
So when i was given a chance to have a go, I jumped at the chance, and I must say I am hooked.
These are my attempts below, need more practice, but I must say I am pleased with my first attempted.  And I must say I never knew trucks, helicopters, diggers and planes could be Christmasy! 

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

ta da! I am announcing my new shop!!!!

Sorry I have been rather quiet, 
firstly, typically once the Tapestry closed for the season I got every bug going, 
two bad colds in a month, not impressed....
But this technophobe has also been getting her head round opening an Etsy shop, and ta da, I can now welcome you to Caro and the gulls shop!  So far I have got some cards and necklaces on it, but I will be adding more regularly.  One thing if you are buying from Guernsey please contact me directly as I am struggling with adding Guernsey postage costs, did it once, and cant remember what I did.......

Hope you like it and look forward to your feed back

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

oooh these are making me so happy!

Back in April I shared with you a necklace I made.
 I loved it and it seemed to get very positive feed back. 
So over the summer I have been practicing, and I now feel ready!
So on Friday I will be having a stall at The Cancer Research Christmas Coffee Morning
it is at Les Cotils this Friday from 10 till 1.  
Entrance is £6 including coffee and biscuits.
It would be great to see you there and show you my beads, 
prices start at £25 so are perfect Christmas present, hint hint!

I am looking at selling them on-line, but one step at a time....

These are making me so happy, hope you enjoy them too ;-)

Saturday, 4 November 2017

dare I mention the c word......

 I think it possibly possible to mention Christmas now...
and if like me, you make your own cards,
 you have been thinking about it for a while as it needs abit of planning - 
designing, sewing and getting it to the printer.
I have always designed my own cards, when I was a little girl, Mum and I made them together, 
and its important for me to carry on that tradition.  
Also I love getting Christmas cards, 
and it always help to get more, if you send them out!
They are definitely my favourite Christmas decoration,
 I love seeing them lined up on the mantle piece, hanging from ribbons draped along the ceiling. Extra special is when I get handmade/designed ones back, I keep those!

 This year I am using the traditional carol 'The Holly and the Ivy' as my inspiration. 
must say I am really pleased with how its coming on, but sorry you wont see it finished yet!
Maybe once I have them all written and posted, remind me if I forget....

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Dior darling deux

Following on from Dior Darling
After the amazing toiles and Dior ladies, you once again plunge in to the darkness....

.....only to emerge in the most amazing double, poss triple height ball room(?)
With what can only be described as a wedding cake of Dior looming over you,
it really does take your breath away.

the dress once again are amazing and I am running out of adjectives.

This one below is definitely one of my favourites, and one of the very early pieces, I remember seeing it in my Fashion History books when I was doing A-Level Textiles. Exquisite

And off course we all know this one, the launch of the New Look after WW2, which kick started the French Textile/Fashion industry, because of all the fabric in the skirt.  But the women in Britain had to wait quite a few more years for the end of rationing and Utility Wear before they could enjoy such glamour.  That is unless they had the money to nip over to Paris.....

Saturday, 14 October 2017

isles of the very old dolphin

Very quick update!
Back in 2013 I did a post on chapelle dom hue
Well this year there was a archaeological dig on the islet,
to try and understand it a little more about its history  
But it produced more questions than answers, the main one being
Answers on a postcard please!

Monday, 9 October 2017

Dior darling

Back from Paris at the beginning of last week, I do love that city!
And I was able to go and see the Christian Dior Retrospective in a wing of the Louvre.
Definitely recommend getting tickets before,
as you just walk right in rather than queuing for nearly an hour! 
Its very popular, even on a Thursday afternoon, it was heaving and hot, but the cloths are to die for.  You start in dark galleries the clothes spot lighted, all sultry and glamourous. Then you burst in to the light, and these beautiful white rooms with ceiling covered in cascading white paper wisteria, stunning.  And perfect for the more summery garden party style of dresses.

Then you cross the triple height fall way and up another flight of stairs and in to this amazing room

Full of toiles (early dress samples).
The displays in this exhibition are the best I have ever seen.

There were two ladies in a little alcove, they were from the Dior workshop, but not sure if they were dress makers or pattern cutters? It was the only part not well signed and the only part that I wanted signs! But sadly I was not brave enough with my French to ask...

But I was up for asking about the sample of embroidery and yes they do outsource to Lesage !

In the dark section you couldn't use your flash,
so I felt it was a good excuse to practice my sketching.

Very enjoyable.
If you are in Paris I definitely recommend going to see this exhibition, but do pre book!
More photos in part deux

Saturday, 16 September 2017

sweetie beadie!

Just a sneekie peek at what I am working on....

Is it shallow to say these make me very happy......

something about the colour and texture, love running my hands through them
think they are a cross between sea urchins and liquorish Allsorts!
More info on what I am making them for to follow....