Saturday, 28 January 2017

Sussex Pond Pudding

Sorry, ment to do this last weekend.
I had been reading a book on English food, and saw a Sussex Pond Pudding, 
now I had heard about this, but had never tasted it.  
The book said it was perfect for those who don't like their puddings too sweet.  And for once I had all the ingredients in the house. 
 The basic idea of this is a steamed suet pudding, with a filling of butter, sugar and......
two whole lemons! 
The suet pasty isnt sweetened, but the filled combine to form a gorgeous, sweet, sharp, buttery, lemony sauce that oozes into the pasty.
It is delicious,but dont serve it to a friend with a very sweet tooth, it wont be their cup of tea!
Also next time I will serve it with thick Guernsey cream.......

Saturday, 21 January 2017

January swim done!

 It was cold this morning, well cold for Guernsey!
 I know most off Europe is in the minus figures, but we are woses here and 1 degree feel really cold. But hay-ho, perfect weather for a swim.....

 ........and why is that you ask?  
Good question, well look at it, its a beautiful day, 
the wind has dropped and the sky is clear and the tide is low 
(no cold waves to splash you in the face like a wet fish)
 Lets just say it was bracing! 
Half a width and back, not much I know, 
but at this time of year all I am concerned about is getting in.
Chris was more impressive, nearly a whole length.
 Right January swim done, now for a hot shower and then off to find a fry up!
Well deserved I think.

Friday, 20 January 2017

nobody leaves silk(y) in the corner/drawer!

 Ok this is strange, but for some reason is my wool drawer I have had two and a bit skeins of pure silk (Debbie Bliss) sitting around for about ten years. 
Years ago I used it to make a narrow moss stitch scarf which was more of a tie, which I didn't really wear it, and a pair of finger-less gloves, which I use all the time.
 So it was decided that I needed to make a cowl/hood to go with the gloves.
I knitted it in ribs on a circular needle, as I wanted the it to be snug round the neck, to keep me warm.
Then I added stitches as I went down, so that went finished it would spread out over my shoulders. And ta-dah it is with my matching gloves, I do like the hood up, it feels rather 1950's to me.
 or you could have it as a very good disguise!
But practically after a walk on the blustery cliffs, this seems the best position. 
 As the wind stopped the hood staying up.   Maybe a few hair grips would help.....

Monday, 16 January 2017

Quilt update

Two years ago I started this project
mainly to make some in-roads into my huge fabric stash.
And this time last year it was growing well
but still needed more!
Well I think I am so nearly there, just one more square
For some reason I cant explain, for a long time, I have kept all my old jeans and now have a large pile of well worn denim and I haven't really ever known what I am going to do with it. 
 I think I am going to use it to make a 10/15cm boarder round the whole quilt in the denim.  
It will frame the patchwork and make it a bit bigger too.  
If there is enough, I will cut it into stripes and used it to make the backing for bedspread.
So fingers crossed it will be finished this year, and I am loving it already.  
And am loving the fact it goes so well with the two pictures above the bed!

|Oh and my fabric stash doesnt seem to have shrunk much.......

Monday, 9 January 2017

lucky it was like glass!

We have just had a lovely week in Dorset, a beautiful part of England, 
and a perfect place to relax over the New Year.

But we wanted to have the car with us there, as much as anything, we wanted to be able to take left over food with us! And in the winter the weather, as we all know can be pretty horrid and unreliable.  so alot of us take the slow boat at this time of year as it can sail in worse weather than the fast ferry. 

Going over is a sinch, as you get on about 6pm and have super, 
then off to your cabin, then when you wake you are arriving in Portsmouth at about 6.30am.
But the route the way home is obviously the day boat, but it usually gets in mid afternoon, which is fine.  But our route back on Saturday, was a bit different, and was effected by the spring tides.  Usually they can jiggle round the tides, but this time there was no choice.  We had to go to Jersey first. Then cause of the falling tides, wait there for four hours till there was enough water for us to sail on to Guernsey!  So we left Portsmouth at 9am and got into Guernsey at 11pm! 14 hours!!!!
But we had known about that since we booked it, and so I was well armed with books, knitting, letters to write and patchwork, so it passed pleasantly.
But as the title says lucky the channel was like glass!!!!!