Monday, 9 January 2017

lucky it was like glass!

We have just had a lovely week in Dorset, a beautiful part of England, 
and a perfect place to relax over the New Year.

But we wanted to have the car with us there, as much as anything, we wanted to be able to take left over food with us! And in the winter the weather, as we all know can be pretty horrid and unreliable.  so alot of us take the slow boat at this time of year as it can sail in worse weather than the fast ferry. 

Going over is a sinch, as you get on about 6pm and have super, 
then off to your cabin, then when you wake you are arriving in Portsmouth at about 6.30am.
But the route the way home is obviously the day boat, but it usually gets in mid afternoon, which is fine.  But our route back on Saturday, was a bit different, and was effected by the spring tides.  Usually they can jiggle round the tides, but this time there was no choice.  We had to go to Jersey first. Then cause of the falling tides, wait there for four hours till there was enough water for us to sail on to Guernsey!  So we left Portsmouth at 9am and got into Guernsey at 11pm! 14 hours!!!!
But we had known about that since we booked it, and so I was well armed with books, knitting, letters to write and patchwork, so it passed pleasantly.
But as the title says lucky the channel was like glass!!!!!

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