Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Guernsey

Am going against the popular trend today, I dont like Christmas jumpers!
I dont want a jumper than can only be worn for a couple of weeks a year.......and
 they tend to be squeaky acrylic, just so not my thing, sorry.
But last week Chris had a Christmas jumper day at work and we didnt want to look Bah Humbug, 
so I put my creative thinking cap on.
and ta dah came up with a Christmas Guernsey!!!!!
Our island is famous for fisher mens jumpers 
and Chris lives in his Guernsey, so I decorated it.
Paper stars were placed round the neckline, to use as a guide,
 then I chain stitched round in coloured metallic embroidered thread.
I decided that five was too many.

So Chris has a four star Guernsey, have to say I was rather pleased with it!
My reluctant model.
Bouan Noue every one xxxx
(Happy Christmas in Guernsey French)


  1. Very ingenious. I don't like 'traditional' Christmas jumpers either so this is just right.

    1. Oh I am so glad it is not only me! Thank yoou