Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I finished it!

You might remember that November 2013 I was in Paris and was able to attend an embroidery course at Lesage (a couture work shop)
The project that I was making was a small sequined and beaded black and metallic phone case.  Sadly black and metallic are not my thing, but there was no colour choice, but my sister rocks that look! 
 So fantastic idea, it can be her Christmas present,
 ok wasn't organised enough to be ready for last year.
 But cracked on with it over the summer...
And ta da!
By this Christmas I was finished, now I don't think either of us uses phone holders, but with a bit of imagination it became an evening bag, so much more useful.

And really please with how the lining fabric worked with the copper sequins.  
Thrilled with the end result, and after a few glasses of Christmas bubbles we also worked out you could wear it as a hat, but promised my sister I wouldn't post those photos!!!!

Monday, 19 January 2015

I promise you, its warmer in than out!

Felt like the first time in ages that there weren't gale force winds!
And I hadn't swam since the end of November, what with the wind, Christmas madness and colds.  This morning I felt motivated, so off I went, and what a beautiful morning, with the sun creeping through the clouds behind Herm.
Beautifully calm in the children's pool and before I could change my mind....

 ......and I was in!  And crumbs it was cold!!!  As you can see from this photo, couldn't even work my own camera.....
...ahhh found my self, now I know its not the best photo but I wasn't going to hang around and take some more.  It was a half way across the pool and I was out again.

But I promise it is warmer in, just under 10 degrees in the pool and 4 out. so I didn't hang around and jumped in the warm shower fast.  But I felt so awake and alive!
But the other braver ladies put me to shame and stayed in alot longer.

 Must get back in the routine of swimming every week, and that was a start in the right direction.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Spooky rooty

Walking with a friend on the south coast on Monday we can across this old abreuvoir, or animals drinking trough. Lots of these over the island and a lot now being restored..

 But this one had looked alittle weird inside
Some of the plants growing round it were making the most of the water supply.  But it did look rather seeing those pure white roots not encased in soil.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I believe in Father Chistmas

We has an amazing Christmas, a very different one.
We went over to London and did two seven hour shifts with Crisis at Christmas working in their homeless shelter.  It was a brilliant experience, lovely people both the guests and volunteers.  Would definitely do it again.

We were told this at the end of our last shift on Christmas Day.
On Christmas Eve just before we closed a guy turned up, we were able to get him some food, but for everything else we had to say please come back tomorrow. So he went back to sleeping spot near a big well known hotel. A chap walked by with his daughters and one of them said 'Dad are you going to give him some money?'  The chap sat down next to him and chatted, then said wait here I have something for you in my room.  Ten mins later a Ferrari pulled up and the chap opened the door and said to the homeless guy 'if you want jump in as I have booked you a room in a hotel in Victoria for the next ten nights!'
Isn't that amazingly kind!
The homeless guy popped in on Christmas Day to tell us and the chap had invited him to join his family for lunch on Boxing Day!
Just goes to show there are some seriously nice/kind people out there.
Happy 2015 to you all