Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Last year, some how (naming no names) a block of very popular high street butter
 from the other side of the world appeared in my fridge!
I un-wrapped it and was very surprised, it was sooooo pale.  Over the years I have got so used to Guernsey butter, with its deep golden colour and rich flavour that I have begun to think as it as the norm.  Well one taste of this interloper in my fridge put me straight.
Now I hate food waste, but this went straight in the bin!
This website is really good at explaining why Guernsey butter is just so good
Well this was going to be a post on singing the praises of our butter, but then in a deli in town I found a block of Alderney butter.

And I have to say its colour was even better and taste maybe just a bit more buttery....

You can really see the colour difference here, really not sure why,
cause its from milk from Guernsey cows as the Alderney cow'
which was made famous in the A.A.Milne poem
is now sadly extinct due mainly to the
cows being removed from Alderney during WW2 and mixed in with the Guernseys here.
Only one problem with the Alderney butter, its too big for my butter dish..........

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