Saturday, 1 August 2015

Friday night wind down......

We are slowly getting back into our summer habit of Friday evenings
 down at the moorings at Fermain
and last night it was stunning, a beautifully warm day with an evening high tide,
 perfect swimming conditions

Chris launching himself off from the steps watched by a Grandpa teaching his grandson how to fish for cabots (patois for blennies)

so warm, all your worries just melt away...

Chris headed out to one of the buoys in the middle on the bay

While I headed right across, and I can promise you taking pictures of seagulls
while treading water is not easy at all!

 Looking back at the beach from the other side
and I think that Chris's head is the smallest buoy on the right!

 Proof I did it and now to swim back again
 One slight problem, little brown jelly fish in the middle of the bay, got a few stings
but only feel like nettles so not at problem, and had gone with in half an hour.
Though when we were drying off in the sun a chap headed out to do the same as me, but wearing goggles, and he turned round when he got to the middle as he said there were hundreds of them, about a meter down!!!!! So you are fine if you swim properly but if you are a muppet like me and you stop to take pictures of seagulls while treading water you get got!!!!
Perfect end to a lovely swim, cider and prawns, heaven!!!!

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