Monday, 9 June 2014

Arts Sunday

Yesterday was Arts Sunday, the seafront from the roundabout all the way to Town Church was closed to traffic, and dedicated the creative vein of islanders, food, music, dance, theatre, and the artists among us.
I did it last year and the weather wasn't good, cold and windy, but it stayed dry.  This year the gods were on our side, it was a glorious day, and I needed the umbrella for shade rather than protection!

photo by Richard Lord
 We had fantastic support from islanders and visitors, there were over 9000 visitor by mid afternoon,
 not sure what the end total was, but it was great to see so many people, 
and lovely to catch up with so many friends.
Promise this lady was smiling the moment before!  
They are part of the Guernsey folk dancers, and I do love their outfits,
 made me wish I had made more of an effort....

There was a music area opposite me, this guy was brilliant, 
at one point he did a whole piece based on the Danger Mouse theme song, loved it!  
You could see people start to bounce/dance as they walked past, 
later it went a bit rappy/dance which isn't my bag, but you cant have everything.

Chris covered me over lunch so was able to have a wonder round

There were bubbles every where, which looked beautiful in the sunlight, 
gorgeous accept when they get to close to fabric stock!  
Bubble mix is a sod to get out of fabric!!!

Next to me was a fantastic black board for kids to draw characters on 
and use there own heads, they were having a ball
But do think the dogs stole the show!!!!

It was a brilliant day, got a great tan, sold lots of cards and was shattered when I got home.
 Glass of wine and a bath time