Thursday, 30 May 2013

Could let all that hard work fall to pieces

A few weeks ago an antiques dealer in Mill Street, Sue Le Cras,
asked me if I knew any one who could mount an antique sampler.
Now I knew the principles, but hadnt done it before.
Well theres no time like the present, so I volunteered,
letting Sue know it was my first time, and she was fine with that.
So here goes!

First get a piece of acid free mount board cut larger that the sampler.

Stretch a piece of curtain inter lining over it, this will give alittle cushioning to the piece.
Then wash a piece of calico (to remove any chemicals) and stretch that over the inter linning.

Then place the sampler in position and slowly slip stitch it down.  The idea is that you ARNT stretching the antique fabric and that the whole thing can be undone with out causing it any damage.

Can you believe that an eleven year old did this?
Quite remarkable
The piece wasnt in the best condition, but Sue and I felt it was part of its history,
so I just slip stitched these parts down, so no further damage could happen.

Just a quick one demonstrating the tiny slip stitches, you really dont want to be able to see them

ta da! the finished piece.
Sue was going to then get it framed (making sure that the glass did not touch the stitching)
But it sold before she could!
Now thats what I call a result!!!!!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

The clowns and dogs of the sea

Feel so lucky today.
Julia and David invited us out on their boat to go Puffin watching!
I had seen them from a distance before, but once we were off the South Coast of Herm in aptly named Puffin Beach, we were surrounded by 8 of them.

You can totally understand why they are called 'the clowns of the sea'! Especially when they start to fly, so un-aerodynamic, flapping wildly to try and start airborne!

This one on the left was having a good old wing shake, not the easiest things to photograph!
They are moving, the boat is moving, and you have the take into account the tide!
So did end up with a fair few photos with beaks or tails disappearing out the side of the shot....

 And they are surprisingly tiny!

 So gorgeous, I could have watched them all day, they just make you smile, as they circle the boat.
 Then we headed to a rocky outcrop north of the islands.
 Cant tell the difference between shags or cormorant?
and look what we found, SEALS!

 they were definitely checking us out,

What a fantastic way to end a beautiful day.  Thank you Julia and David

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Operation Hanging Basket

Over night St Peter Port bloomed!

It turned out that over 1000 hanging baskets and window boxes were being put up.

They must have started early this morning as by the time I
 headed down at 9 they were up Mill street and nearly done!

 Think there will be alot of sore arms and legs after that job!

 But I do think it looks beautiful, definitely worth it.
But good luck with all that watering ;-)

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Food Glorious Farmers Markets!

A gorgeous sunny Saturday morning,
So we decided to pop in to the Farmers Market at Sausmarez Manor before I headed in to work.

I love going up here, its a beautiful setting and always full of tempting things,
and being Guernsey you are always going to bump into a friend to have a natter with!

huge bushy strawberry plants

Ray Watts from Meadow Court Farm with his local meat, definately recomend it.

this is a first, Bean Jar Pasties, had to try one

 They are Rachel's brain child, and we were also tempted by scotch quails eggs,
some how doesn't feel as naughty as the full sized ones!
Local honey and jams

Still early in the morning,
but can promise you it will be packed by 11,
 we prefer to get in there first!

I love this stall, its run by 'The Caritas' a local charity that helps young people have hit tough times, by getting them back in touch with the land, growing and making their own food, which they then sell on to the public, I think its great, and never need an excuse to buy a slice of beetroot and chocolate cake

Rainbow Chard, have just planted my seedlings out,
but think it will be a few more weeks before they look as splendid as these

 Old Ormer shells, brought 2,
no idea what I am going to do with them yet......
My brother-in-law James selling his delicious local Rocquettes cider,
can never say no to a chilled glass of that either.

Sausmarez Manor, the back drop to the Market.

Am now sitting here in hailing the beetroot and chocolate cake,
that just smells delicious, really it is lucky its only once a week!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

good enough to eat!

This week seems to be horribly busy, not leaving loads of time to be creative. 
 So I though I would show you a project I did last year. 

I love covering buttons and in the past have embroidered them, but an accident happened in the sewing room, and a tray of seed beads got horribly mixed up during our house move.  I did spend the evenings for a week trying to sort them out, but decided I had more interesting things to do! 

So a project was needed that could use the muddle.

So the Licorice Allsort button was born ( you know the jelly one covered in hundreds and thousands)

Very pleased with them I have to say.
almost edible

I replaced the boring grey buttons on this pink Seasalt jacket with them,
which I think makes it look so much better (the grey just killed it)
 and it has received lots of compliments, which is very flattering.

Sadly it is now too big for me, so need to start searching e-bay for a smaller one
to transfer the buttons on too. That is when life slows down a bit........