Sunday, 26 May 2013

The clowns and dogs of the sea

Feel so lucky today.
Julia and David invited us out on their boat to go Puffin watching!
I had seen them from a distance before, but once we were off the South Coast of Herm in aptly named Puffin Beach, we were surrounded by 8 of them.

You can totally understand why they are called 'the clowns of the sea'! Especially when they start to fly, so un-aerodynamic, flapping wildly to try and start airborne!

This one on the left was having a good old wing shake, not the easiest things to photograph!
They are moving, the boat is moving, and you have the take into account the tide!
So did end up with a fair few photos with beaks or tails disappearing out the side of the shot....

 And they are surprisingly tiny!

 So gorgeous, I could have watched them all day, they just make you smile, as they circle the boat.
 Then we headed to a rocky outcrop north of the islands.
 Cant tell the difference between shags or cormorant?
and look what we found, SEALS!

 they were definitely checking us out,

What a fantastic way to end a beautiful day.  Thank you Julia and David

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