Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday Breakfast

One of the main differences between Chris and my self is I like to plan and organise where as he is more spontaneous. This morning as the sun was filtering through our curtains he said ' seeing as you are working all day lets head out to the cliffs for breakfast'. You see I would never have thought of that!

So by 8.15 we were up by the Pepper Pot above Fermain Bay with our coffee, cereal and the papers.
I have to say it did feel very civilised.

Looking out across the bay to the little harbour of Bec du Nez

Cheers! The dark and handsome chap I am stroking is Joey,
 a friends dog who we are looking after for the weekend.

 What a view!

 Joey is an Aussie dog, so he does enjoy soaking up the sunshine.

Heading back and looking down over Fermain, it has a fantastic beach cafe, definately recomend it.

 The cliff path back to the car, lined with bluebell, stinking garlic and pink campion.

Come on guys, what are you waiting for?

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