Friday, 10 May 2013

68 years of freedom

 On the 9th May 1945, after five years of Natzi Occupation we were Liberated.
And it is always celebrated, its our National Day and a Bank Holiday

A day when we remember what our parents and grandparents went through

Dawn breaking over the islands with the Liberating Forces waiting out in the Russel.
My Dad and uncle were down at the quay side as young boys waiting for the troops to land.

So its a day that means alot to me, so the Guernsey flag bunting is waving from our house
and many more up the street and over the island.

First job was to head down to the Fishmongers to collect our Chancre for a  celebratory crab super.  and we were met by an amazing pile of spider crabs, all gifts for the 100 odd French sailors, who had raced into the marina the night before, from the Harbour Office.  Can just see them all happily picking away at the crab, with a glass of rose on their boats, surrounded by the festivities!  Sounds like heaven.
The French racers

Stilt walkers promoting recycling

Our Baliff inspecting the Gurkhas who were on parade
Some very young soldiers!
and a very dignified veteran
Our Jurats in their gorgeous purple gowns and hats heading in to the Town church for the service of thanks giving, which this year also welcomed representatives from Biberach,
the German town that housed the internment camp where Channel Islanders were sent.

Inspecting the magnificent Chelsea Pensioners
Love the spurs!

More of the French racers enjoying the sunshine

and the wind!  Me in my Union Jack scarf!

The Piers were full of things for the children to do and the adults to eat, unfortunately we were on a fast day (5:2) so that was a bit of a torment!

The Liberation Monument down by the Weybridge.  Its rather clever because it acts as a sundial, with the time that thing happen carved into the backs of the seats (see below) but it only works perfectly for these markers on Liberation Day.  Very clever!
Oh and all made out of guernsey Granite

The town getting busier, and that was our moment to say lets head back to our garden with the crab,
 think we are getting old!

But time to stop at the Minon Plateau and enjoy the view over the Church and harbour
and castle
and all the children enjoying the rides, I hope they will always have freedom.
Happy Liberation Day

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