Thursday, 30 May 2013

Could let all that hard work fall to pieces

A few weeks ago an antiques dealer in Mill Street, Sue Le Cras,
asked me if I knew any one who could mount an antique sampler.
Now I knew the principles, but hadnt done it before.
Well theres no time like the present, so I volunteered,
letting Sue know it was my first time, and she was fine with that.
So here goes!

First get a piece of acid free mount board cut larger that the sampler.

Stretch a piece of curtain inter lining over it, this will give alittle cushioning to the piece.
Then wash a piece of calico (to remove any chemicals) and stretch that over the inter linning.

Then place the sampler in position and slowly slip stitch it down.  The idea is that you ARNT stretching the antique fabric and that the whole thing can be undone with out causing it any damage.

Can you believe that an eleven year old did this?
Quite remarkable
The piece wasnt in the best condition, but Sue and I felt it was part of its history,
so I just slip stitched these parts down, so no further damage could happen.

Just a quick one demonstrating the tiny slip stitches, you really dont want to be able to see them

ta da! the finished piece.
Sue was going to then get it framed (making sure that the glass did not touch the stitching)
But it sold before she could!
Now thats what I call a result!!!!!

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