Thursday, 16 May 2013

good enough to eat!

This week seems to be horribly busy, not leaving loads of time to be creative. 
 So I though I would show you a project I did last year. 

I love covering buttons and in the past have embroidered them, but an accident happened in the sewing room, and a tray of seed beads got horribly mixed up during our house move.  I did spend the evenings for a week trying to sort them out, but decided I had more interesting things to do! 

So a project was needed that could use the muddle.

So the Licorice Allsort button was born ( you know the jelly one covered in hundreds and thousands)

Very pleased with them I have to say.
almost edible

I replaced the boring grey buttons on this pink Seasalt jacket with them,
which I think makes it look so much better (the grey just killed it)
 and it has received lots of compliments, which is very flattering.

Sadly it is now too big for me, so need to start searching e-bay for a smaller one
to transfer the buttons on too. That is when life slows down a bit........

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