Thursday, 2 May 2013

Gorse and Gulls

Lucky for us we were both able to get the afternoon off yesterday,
even though there was a strong easterly wind, the sun was out and it was a beautiful day,
so we just needed to find some shelter!

Down on the south coast we found a beautiful, secluded picnic spot,
 looking out over the Pea Stacks

Looking down the cliffs watching the gulls circling below,

surrounded by stunning wild flowers

Well had to celebrate 3 years with a glass of Rocquettes cider!
Only one mind you as we had to climb back up the cliff afterwards!

The cider enjoying the view as well. 
I do love that moment when the cliffs suddenly become alive with wild flowers, pink campion,
gorse, thrift, speedwell, blue bells, bladder campion and celandines.
 It really lifts you and makes you smile.

Heading back up the cliff path into a tunnel of May (blackthorn) blossom

Looking back over the Pea Stacks,
Chris really wants to have a go kayaking a round these rocks this summer,
exploring all the little inlets, so that had better go on the must do list!

One of the many German fortifications that litter our coast line (left over from the Occupation),
those soldiers would have had a brilliant view searching for Allied submarines,
 and now alot of them get used by twitchers for searching birds, I like the contrast of that. 
You can see Sark on the horizon.
Home then with pink noses and a happy glow, can definitely feel summer on its way ;-)

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