Thursday, 20 August 2015

Criminal Cormorants

Tuesday was an absolutely gorgeous day
 and so we decided to make the most of the evening,
 and headed down to Saints Harbour with the kayak.
The sea was like a mirror in the shelter of the bay and we pottered off round the coast,
heading towards Icart Point.
You really get to see the cliffs from a totally different angle, discovering caves and little bays like this one. It has no access from land that I could see, but would be hidden at high tide, you can see the high water line in black running along the rocks.

another advantage of the kayak is its very quiet, so the birds are a lot more approachable.

Must say am rather proud of this evening sun shot.
this cormorant (or it could be a shag, but I can only tell them apart
when they are next to each other as to me it seems to be mainly their size???)
was making the most of the last of the days sun to dry his wings.
On the way back round we managed to creep up on this lot.  We have quite regularly seen cormorants like this, they look very striking and do remind of the opening scene of the original 'Italian Job' when the sports car crashes in the tunnel in the Alps and gets pushed off the mountain by the bulldozer, all the while being watched by this line of blacked suited and hatted Mafia men,
very sinister.
Annoyingly I could not find that image in Google, this was the closest I could get. 
But I am sure that the cormorants weren't having such evil thoughts as those Mafia men!

Then back into the calm of the little harbour

Thanks you Chris for making me get out there, it was brilliant!

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