Monday, 19 January 2015

I promise you, its warmer in than out!

Felt like the first time in ages that there weren't gale force winds!
And I hadn't swam since the end of November, what with the wind, Christmas madness and colds.  This morning I felt motivated, so off I went, and what a beautiful morning, with the sun creeping through the clouds behind Herm.
Beautifully calm in the children's pool and before I could change my mind....

 ......and I was in!  And crumbs it was cold!!!  As you can see from this photo, couldn't even work my own camera.....
...ahhh found my self, now I know its not the best photo but I wasn't going to hang around and take some more.  It was a half way across the pool and I was out again.

But I promise it is warmer in, just under 10 degrees in the pool and 4 out. so I didn't hang around and jumped in the warm shower fast.  But I felt so awake and alive!
But the other braver ladies put me to shame and stayed in alot longer.

 Must get back in the routine of swimming every week, and that was a start in the right direction.

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