Saturday, 17 December 2016

preping for next Sunday!

 Guess what next Sunday is?!
Yes its the Polar Bear Swim,
 oh and also a popular holiday....
...and as it was such a beautiful morning with very little wind, 
it was perfect for a preparation swim.

But once at the bathing pools it became apparent that because of the high spring tides hitting the outside walls of the pools, the swell in the Ladies Pool with big and strong.
 alot better in the Children's Pool next door
 So in we went!
Well Chris chucked himself in head first and I went for a more dignified approach,
 down the steps, that is after I found them under the swell. 
No excuse, but I like to keep my head dry.
 He's ok!
 I know you lot wont believe me, but it is surprisingly mild still.  You don't want to stay in for ages, but it is so exhilarating, and really makes you feel alive and buzzing
 Its the waves that got me out, call me a wimp but I just don't like getting a face full of sea water, especially in mid December.
But that obviously isn't something that worries Chris!
Right time for a fry up!!

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