Saturday, 21 January 2017

January swim done!

 It was cold this morning, well cold for Guernsey!
 I know most off Europe is in the minus figures, but we are woses here and 1 degree feel really cold. But hay-ho, perfect weather for a swim.....

 ........and why is that you ask?  
Good question, well look at it, its a beautiful day, 
the wind has dropped and the sky is clear and the tide is low 
(no cold waves to splash you in the face like a wet fish)
 Lets just say it was bracing! 
Half a width and back, not much I know, 
but at this time of year all I am concerned about is getting in.
Chris was more impressive, nearly a whole length.
 Right January swim done, now for a hot shower and then off to find a fry up!
Well deserved I think.

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