Friday, 20 January 2017

nobody leaves silk(y) in the corner/drawer!

 Ok this is strange, but for some reason is my wool drawer I have had two and a bit skeins of pure silk (Debbie Bliss) sitting around for about ten years. 
Years ago I used it to make a narrow moss stitch scarf which was more of a tie, which I didn't really wear it, and a pair of finger-less gloves, which I use all the time.
 So it was decided that I needed to make a cowl/hood to go with the gloves.
I knitted it in ribs on a circular needle, as I wanted the it to be snug round the neck, to keep me warm.
Then I added stitches as I went down, so that went finished it would spread out over my shoulders. And ta-dah it is with my matching gloves, I do like the hood up, it feels rather 1950's to me.
 or you could have it as a very good disguise!
But practically after a walk on the blustery cliffs, this seems the best position. 
 As the wind stopped the hood staying up.   Maybe a few hair grips would help.....

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