Saturday, 28 January 2017

Sussex Pond Pudding

Sorry, ment to do this last weekend.
I had been reading a book on English food, and saw a Sussex Pond Pudding, 
now I had heard about this, but had never tasted it.  
The book said it was perfect for those who don't like their puddings too sweet.  And for once I had all the ingredients in the house. 
 The basic idea of this is a steamed suet pudding, with a filling of butter, sugar and......
two whole lemons! 
The suet pasty isnt sweetened, but the filled combine to form a gorgeous, sweet, sharp, buttery, lemony sauce that oozes into the pasty.
It is delicious,but dont serve it to a friend with a very sweet tooth, it wont be their cup of tea!
Also next time I will serve it with thick Guernsey cream.......

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