Tuesday, 1 October 2013


The whole reason for my drive last Tuesday was to revisit Le Dehus dolmen.  I first discovered it last year, it really is amazing how you can live in a small island for so long and still discover things you hadn't seen before!  Since I started running the Tapestry Gallery, I try to make a point of seeing 3 of our tourist attractions every summer, that way I know what to recommend to our visitors.  I don't think we visit enough of what's on our own doorstep.  And I think that is the case world wide, we only do it if we have people visiting.  So lets change that!!!
Le Dehus doesn't look much as you approach it, after all it is a burial mound, so it looks pretty much like, well a mound!
But its worth stopping for

You go inside, turn the lights on (its free entry during daylight hours), and you are entering into this amazing feat of Neolithic engineering, I have to crouch to get down the entry tunnel, then you are able to stand and admire the sheer size of the granite stones used to build the tomb. 
Then turn the light on, on the left and look up at the long stone above the pillar, and the light will reveal this mans face.  We know its a chap cause he has a small goatee!
And that goatee makes him rare!  Cause most carvings are female. 
 His name is Le Gardien du Tombeau ( or guardian of the tomb)
Outside is a very helpful diagram to aid your interpretation of the carving

And this diagram shows you the lay out of the tomb including beautifully constructed side chambers (see above)
As you leave don't forget to turn out the lights as you leave.

And the view from the top of the mound is pretty good too!

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