Thursday, 24 October 2013

I must finish my blue dress first!

A lovely parcel of fabric was waiting for me when I got home.
Two meters of gorgeous Millefiore cotton by Kaffe Fasset

 Isn't it gorgeous, I think I am going to make a long sleeve shirt out of it.
 Its so my colours and reminds me of that glorious glass you get in Venice,
but then you look at the name and its not really a surprise is it?
 But first I need to finish my 1940's style blue dress,
 its very fitted and the pattern and dress has needed a lot of fiddling with.
 So its been on hold all summer, think this arrival has given me the shake I needed
If it sounds like its the only project I have on the go at the moment then it would be a lie!

Theres also a shawl I am knitted,
this years Christmas card to be stitched,
 experiments with sea glass,
archiving historical school uniform,
finishing and embroidery for a friend
and two possible commissions in the pipeline!
 But I do get itchy fingers if there is nothing in my basket.

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