Monday, 21 October 2013

and now for the winter baskets!

Earlier in October St Peter Port put away her summer wardrobe and brought out her boots and coats!
Good bye to all the summer flowers that had gone up May (see earlier in blog)
, that was nearly 1,000 hanging baskets, boxes and planters.

And they were now looking leggy and past there best, so out they came, and don't worry they will all be composted, though I am sure I could have given some of the geraniums a home.

And the new ones were waiting to step into their shoes so to speak.

A little more understated and refined than the summer wardrobe but I think mine is too :-)
The bright pinks and turquoises are slowly being replaced by plums and dark blues.
But so much smarter, and in a strange Caro way, happier!

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