Saturday, 26 October 2013

Bean Jar!

Welcome to Bean Jar!
It would definitely be agreed that this is our national dish,
 its not complicated or expensive but so tasty.

All you need is a pound of dry beans (a mix of haricot and butter), an chopped onion
 and a cheap piece of meat.  Traditionally it would have been a pigs trotter, but I prefer shin of beef,
you could also use a ham hock, but you do want to have the meat on the bone.  
You do have to be bit organised as the beans need to be soaked over night

You can use a traditional bean jar, I got mine from Moulin Huet Pottery,
but any lidded casserole dish would work.

Put every thing in the pot along with two pints of water, that's all.
Then it goes in the oven at 140 degrees for between 6 to 8 hours, check it a couple of times to make sure theres enough water, if no,t top it up.
Then when the meat is tender, remove it from the beans, let it cool, and separate from the bone and fat, so its just the beef back in with the beans.
Check the seasoning, then enjoy, I know its not a glamorous or pretty, pretty dish, but when you have a major storm heading towards the island, it very, very comforting especially with a cider!

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