Thursday, 10 October 2013

written in stitch

Well after so many posts on Guernsey, I thought I prove I was still doing something creative!
This is a project I did in 2010, which is a diary of the whole year, stitched.

It was quite a year, we moved house, I started a new job, we got married (and I got tied up with the volcano mess when collecting my wedding dress!), my darling Aunt sadly passed on, trips to London for country Living Christmas Fair and Newcastle to visit my new step son, on and getting stuck in St Lucia due to snow!  Just to point out the snow was in Gatwick!

Oh and I made my first Christmas Pud, and I will never by shop brought again, so easy and delicious.
I have also done embroidered birthday notes.
and anniversary ones
and now I am now doing them through Lovely Pops (Mill Street, Gsy) or direct.
So if you have something special you would like to say, or remember, and would like to preserve it in stitch, send me a comment!

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