Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Victorian Walled Garden a safe haven for pumpkins!

On Tuesday I got round to visiting The Victorian Walled Garden walled garden at
Saumarez Park which I have been meaning to do for ages. 
Sadly I was too late for the sunflower maze, but there was still a lot going on,
mainly in the pumpkin department

including these very odd trombone squash, not sure if they are edible, or just decorative? Does any one know?

and the more traditional
Then inside the beautiful Victorian lean too greenhouse they had stored all the ripe ones

arnt they gorgeous and they were for sale, so its pumpkin soup for super then!
And you remember I mentioned the sunflower maze?  Well here are all the seed heads drying from the grape and tomato vines, very ingenious, and almost like a modern art installation

Then back outside their rainbow chard had taken on a totally different scale to ours!  It is a biennial, and theirs was flowering, so it must be in its second year, so is this what we have to look forward too!
And some elegant cavelo nero

 what a clever idea for a bird scarer, this little chap is suspended by a cord from an arched pole, so he swings and bounces in the breeze, so he flies!

loads of cosmos enjoying the shelter provided by the old granite walls
then though the door at the far end looking back, definitely reminded me of 'The Secret Garden' by Francs Hodgson Burnett, a classic children's book
go on, any idea of how much his beast weighs?
And by the way I think he's sitting in a traditional Guernsey barrow,
 narrower to fit in through the doors of greenhouses, with no back for ease of loads,
always of wood, but really it should be blue or red.

Well the pumpkin I brought home really put the one on my patio to shame, come on grow!!!!!

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