Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Operation Omelette

We have just had an absolutely fabulous weekend celebrating the 70th Anniversary of our Liberation from the Nazis in 1945.  It was an amazing day and one of the the first events was the re-enactment of wait for it.........Operation Omelette!!!
What a fantastic name for a military operation, it cant help but make you smile, and they certainly made the people of Guernsey smile 70 years ago.  This was the code name given to the advance landing of Taskforce 135, the British troops who liberated Guernsey.

I found it very emotional watching the re-enactment..... Dad had been down at the harbor 9th May 1945, I am not sure if he saw the troops arrive, but I do hope he did.

The re-enactors also had a very special guest!

Brilliant Day

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