Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Town is getting ready to Celebrate!!!!

The island is getting ready to Party!!!
On Saturday we will be celebrating 70 years of Liberation from the occupying forces during WW2.
And so the shops in town have been getting in the mood with lots of red, white and blue.
Free Love in Mill Street

Ben Le Prevost Chocolates

The Library

Eleven in the Arcade

The Corkscrew

Tapenade Deli by the Ship and Crown

The Press Shop

Even an estate agents, Inspired

Creasey's, with their original till on the left, like the 1939!

Stone Lakes in Smith Street

And me, with our 20th century poster showing the Vega red cross ship, the evacuees, and a German observation post and Iris and Dora's fab limited edition tea towel.

But pride of place in the middle is my Grandpas occupation ID card.
Now all we have to do is pray that the wind drops for Saturday as its a very big day!

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