Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fathers Day means Chocolate cake!

We were having Fathers Day for 3 Dads this year, and my in-laws were hosting two 11 year old boys from Chenobyl for the month who speak no English and sadly we speak no Russian,
 so I decided that I should use the universal language of friendship - chocolate cake!

 I started at 2 layers with chocolate butter cream and strawberries,
 and then thought, I want to make it more of a statement!
 so on went another layer
and another!  I think I will stop at four.

Now for some chocolate porn as the ganache icing is poured slooooowlllly over,
 and dribbles down the side.

 Feel rather pleased with it, now have to get it to the beach in one piece!
 Along with the wind breaks, Barbie, table, chairs and food, it's lucky our Ford Focus is like a tardis!
Even though the weather forecast was dire,
 it ended up being a beautiful afternoon at the Cup and Saucer (Fort Grey)

Happy Fathers' Day Chris, Nicholas and James
You see all those strawberries mean it is one of our 5 fruit and veg a day, so totally healthy!

Then Chris and Max (from Chenobyl) took Hippocampus out to work off the cake.
Happy Fathers Day to you all and I think its a cake my Dad would have enjoyed too, after all he was a huge fan of Cadbury's fruit and nut.  Thinking of you Dad xxx

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