Friday, 28 June 2013

Magnificent Mackerel

Sorry meant to post this earlier in the week.
I mentioned that I had made rhubarb chutney and so needed grilled mackerel to go with it,
 as it is a perfect partner as the acidity of the rhubarb cuts through the oiliness of the fish.
Well success, local mackerel (its been a bit sparse recently because of the sea temperature).
And aren't they beautiful, we are so used to them, that some times I don't think we really look at them.

The iridescent colours and markings are a perfect camouflage against their enemies,
because when you look down into the sea its very dark, yet when you are under water and look up its almost silver.
Over the years I have often used them for inspiration, I did a massive mackerel when I was at art college in Falmouth, and in a typical student way used every medium possible, paint, chalk, collage, stitch.... will have to try and dig out a photo one day to show you.
These days I have got more selective.
This is an applique and embroidery one I did a couple of years ago, it now has pride of place over our bed, but I have also made it in to a card.

And last year I had some fun making felt fish, both as decorations and as a broach.

So next time you are about to pop one under the grill, consider serving him with rhubarb chutney (or gooseberry sauce) but first take a moment to admire his elegance and beauty

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