Friday, 14 June 2013

exotic orchids

Down on the west coast we have a treasure that appears every May/June, orchid fields!
I did want to show you these in glorious sun shine, but sadly this week it wasn't to be, sorry.
They are owned and run by La Societe Guernesiaise, who do a fantastic job of managing these wild flower meadows, when the orchids are out they cut paths round the edge of the fields,
so we can enjoy them with out damaging them,

Orchids among the profusion of buttercups
Pretty certain this is the common spotted orchid
stunning patterns on the petals arnt they?
Sorry about the rain drops, but let me introduce you to the Loose-flower orchid,
which is not found in the United Kingdom. And I am pretty certain this is the largest natural collection of orchids in the Channel Islands (please correct me if I am wrong).

The loose-flower behind a heath spotted orchid
and back to the common spotted orchid
Complimentary colours, purple and yellow, battling it out in the meadow.
I was introduced to the orchid fields by my Mum, who loved coming down to photograph them, so its a places that has strong memories of her for me, I do try to get down there every year, and I recommend you do to if you are in the island. The orchid should be around for another couple of weeks, but the yellow flag iris have already gone past there best, so I wouldn't hang around if I were you!

This little chap was watching me, so its goodbye from me and goodbye from him!

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