Tuesday, 25 June 2013

summers here!!!!!

Well at last a gorgeous summers day and an afternoon off! Wow that doesn't happen often.
I do love just pottering in the garden
This week I read that we actually have 10 different species of bumble bee, I had no idea,
to me a bumble bee was a bumble bee.
So today I looked more carefully.
There were all different sizes, some with white bottoms, some yellow and stripy, some were a more honey colour, some were fat and some were definitely more slim line.
I wanted to show you,
 but have to admit taking photos of busy bees on swaying foxgloves was not easy at all!

in he goes

delving deep

and deeper
Lets have another go
Pleased with that one

Ooh get me, an action shot!
and he's gone again

Bottoms up!

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