Sunday, 23 June 2013

I mean why, why, why do we use artificial colours??????

Have just had my first rainbow chard harvest,
I just love the colours, yellow, orange, ruby red and cream,

So we had them for lunch, in a salad with quiona, apple, cold sausage and a mustard vinaigrette.
Sitting at the top of the garden in the sun, it was a very tasty and impressive food miles ;-)
A chilled glass of wine would have made it perfect. Next time maybe.

Ruby chard and strawberries
Its that coloured vein going up through the green leaf that I find so beautiful.

And harvested the last of the forced rhubarb, the colour is amazing!
Have made it into a chutney to have with grilled mackerel tomorrow night, ummm yummm
And here is some colour to come, red currants, I love them at this stage, translucent almost like stained glass, with that blush of pink.
Oooh and one is ready, but will need a few more before I get a jar of jelly.
But luckily I am patient.
Arnt our natural colours amazing, and I do think that food at this time of year is just so tempting.

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