Tuesday, 18 June 2013

To Bee or not to Bee...... oh crumbs I need your help!

 First I must apologise for really bad use of the the Bard! Sorry, but I do need your help.
My Aunty Janice and I are involved with a Flower Festival at
Its a stunning church dating back to 1048 ( I used to ring the bells here as a child, obviously not in 1048!!!)
But this lovely lady in the for ground is even old she is called La Gran' Mere du Chimquiere,
and is a pre-historic fertility goddess, brides still leave an offering of
money or flowers on her head, in hope of lots of children!

But back to the Flower Festival.
Our theme is Bee Keepers, and so we are using some props, hives etc, and felt it would be nice to have bees on the flowers, but the only one I could find on wires were far to Disney for me.
So the challenge is to make them my self.
Have ordered some piano wire, its strong but fine, cant be bent, but has a bounce,
so the bees should gently move.
  And below is my first attempt in Fimo. With baking parchment wings. 
He is larger and brighter than reality as I want him to be clearly visible

My problem is I think he looks more like a wasp.
What do you think?
What can I change to make him more bee like?
I just don't know.
Don't really want to dull the colour as I just don't think you will see him/them then.
Any ideas would really be appreciated, thank you.
Also do you like my Devon Blue Ware, I collect any with Channel Island names on it, so far have got Guernsey, Jersey, Sark and Herm but no Alderney, so if any one sees any when they are out and about, I would love to know.
Thank you for you help!

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