Thursday, 20 June 2013

Gulls, Gulls, Gulls

I wanted to show you the character of my Blog Title.
Herring Gulls!
They are so common that I think we sometimes forget to stop and actually properly look at them.
And I think we should.
Last night I was down on Cobo and while Bailey and Chris were out exploring in Hippocampus,
 I went exploring with my camera.
There were lots of gulls around,
probably because of the Fish and Chip Shop (yummy, super sorted for Bailey!)
And they were all being very sensible in a gull like way.
Then I spotted this chap, if he were human I would say he had ants in his pants,
but I don't no what the gull equivalent is......
Sand hoppers in his wings.....
Any way he could not sit still.
He made me smile!

''Oh I wish that woman would stop taking photos of me its embarrassing.
Thats it, I am off!!!!''

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