Monday, 10 June 2013

and I name you 'Hippocamus'

A few years back Chris and I had a fantastic holiday on Vancouver Island, and spend 4 days kayaking in stunning scenery around Quadra Island.  And from then on we really wanted a kayak
The problem was a garage is too small and we couldn't keep one on the car roof,
so the idea was shelved
 Then  few weeks ago we bumped in to an old friend on the cliff who had a very impressive inflatable kayak, well we were impressed! Our problem solved.
Last Friday (during high winds) ours arrived, and this evening the seas at last were calm with a light on shore breeze, perfect to take our maiden voyage.

 We name you Hippocampus
(Latin for Sea Horse - oooh get me!)
And we were off, he's horribly brown isn't he?  Its so not fair!

Looking back at Fort Grey
Picnic time, on our own private beach

Well I think we are very pleased with our new toy and I think we will be out a lot kayaking this summer
Long Live Hippocampus and all who sail in her!


  1. Which beach is that? It's lovely!

  2. Thank you, launched at Rocquaine, and the private beach was between Portlet and Pleinmont, no access from the land so boats only, lovely!