Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Le Viaer Marchi

Every summer at the beginning of July The National Trust of Guernsey hold Le Viaer Marchi
(an old market) at Saumarez Park . nationaltrust-gsy.org.gg It is a lovely family event, I remember going with my Mum as a little girl and working behind the sweety stall, I even had a proper Guernsey bonnet,
 think I need to look in to making one of those again.
Its a great opurtunity to see lots of crafts people in action, spinners, wood carvers, lace makers
and the Gaudion Family (Dad, son and daughter) all working with willow.
There crab and lobster pots really are a work of art, it is such a classic design. I know most fishermen these days use the plastic versions, but it is interesting that the actual shape really hasnt changed abit, which just goes to show if it aint broke dont fix it!
But my favourites were Claire Gaudion's ormer baskets (pannier a cou)www.clairegaudion.co.uk that she had cleverly adapted to use as bicycle baskets, but I think they would look just as great with a couple hanging on the wall in the kitchen for veg or personally in the studio stuffed with off cuts of fabric! 
Definately on my wish list!
 Guernsey Coppercraft were also there explaining all about the local milk cans, I hadnt realised that each size had a specific use, Chris was definately taken with the copper pint measures, though I think he was thinking of drinking something a bit stronger than milk out of them!

They really are a very elegant shape arnt they. 
Over here the small silver versions are very popular for christening gifts

 A bit of Maypole dancing

and a choir singing local folk songs in Victorian dress
Lots of food on offer, but the most popular was with out doubt Bean Jar, its definitely a love it or hate it dish, I love it, Chris doesn't and Master George (below) is definitely enjoying it.  Its very similar to French Cassoulet or Peas Pottage, slow cooked butter and haricot beans with water and a cheap cut of meat.  I use shin of beef, but you could also use ham hock or even trotter (ugh).  Then it starts getting very political about wither you add a carrot or not!  The smell when it is cooking for 6 hours in a beautiful dark brown Bean Jar is mouth watering.
The crowds building, we were so lucky with the weather, last year it had to be cancelled because the ground was so water logged.
Most of the crowds seemed to be heading to my sister-in-law on the Rocquettes Cider stand!
The other ladies were all wearing Guernsey bonnets
so I have promised to make Emma one, in fabric of her choice!  Will keep you posted!

And finally our Golden Guernsey Goats goldenguernseygoat.org.uk , not as famous as our cows, but I think more beautiful and their cheese is delicious, especially with red onion marmalade!

Couldn't stay as long as we wanted, people to see, things to do, but you know how it is.
But very glad I did.

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