Saturday, 27 July 2013

Non Pareil

I want to show you a commission I completed last month.
It was for a friend in Sark whose Dad was about to celebrate a milestone birthday and wanted something special.  George runs boat trip round the island, explaining to visitors all about what makes it such a special place for wildlife, especially sea birds.
And it is a beautiful wooden boat, and so became the focus for my stitching!

First sketch sent over for approval, and we decided to add George in as well.
All ways abit nervious doing people, but took the plunge.
The building process,
when doing an applique I slowly build up the layers of fabric needed and play around with colours and fabric, some recycled and some new. The back ground here is one of Chris's shirts (yes I did ask!) and the printed denim round the edge of the boat is from a pair of jeans I had when I was twelve, and if I remember rightly they were from St Malo!
Only when I am totally happy do I get the iron out and bond all the bond-a-web and fabric together.
Then its time to start stitching.
I love doing boats, must do more.
All details of were added, including the name and the puffin painted on the bow

I think the french knot beard and hair worked very well.
And I was rather pleased with how George turned out,
and from what I have been told George was rather pleased too!

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