Saturday, 6 July 2013

ta da, finished bees!

Well I did promise I would show you my finished bees!
I toned down the yellow with some tan and removed the black,
the thorax was extended and the abdomen was made shorter and less pointed.
Think they look alot more like a honey bee and less like a wasp!

The whole reason for the bees was that my Aunty Janice had asked me to help her with an arrangement for the Flower Festival at St Martins Church this weekend.
Each on had taken a theme and ours was St Bernard, the patron saint of beekeepers!
And we were doing it in memory of my parents, so it had to be good!

We had borrowed a mini hive and other bee paraphernalia from Jane Rix who is a
very keen local bee keeper, as well as a very talented florist.
The colours echoed the bees and we chose flowers that they like, honeysuckle, freesias, sunflowers etc. 
As well as lots of herb such as rosemary, mint and sage, so it would appeal to our noses too!
ta da, one of my little chaps buzzing round the sage,
the contraption next to him is a smoker to pacify the bees.

The finished piece, have to say we are rather pleased with it, I think it has a nice flow
and smells good too, but hands of our honey!
do pop in to St martins Church this weekend if you have the chance,
it's open 10 till 5pm and is definately worth it 

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