Tuesday, 2 April 2013

wooo hoo the sun is out!

I love waking up to the sun coming through our bedroom window, it just lifts the spirits after such a long long winter, theres still a cold strong wind, but I am hopeful ;-)
Got up in the garden first thing to make the most it, from of the garden we look out over the beautiful island of Herm, herm-island.com
Its a bit hazzy today but on a really clear day it should look like this
I never get board of looking at this view, its so relaxing and really what sold the house to us.
Our garden is terraced and we inherited alot of soft fruit bushes and trees, which give great form to the layout so I just get the fun bit of planting seed and bulbs
Have planted cosmos, echanascia, 3 types of poppy, basil and sweet peas.  All doing well so far except the blue poppy, which has decided to stay warm under the soil, am going to plant rainbow chard this weekend as I think it will look great mixed in with the flowers (dont have the space for a seperate veg bed)
A few of the bulbs planted last autumn are begining to poke through
wood anemonies
grape hyacinths
Beautiful, always amazed by bulbs changing in to fragile flowers, cant wait for more.

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