Monday, 8 April 2013

crossing paths with the other islands

Guernsey is the largest island in our bailiwick, there is also Alderney, Sark, Herm, Lihou, Jethou, Burhou and Brecqhou.  It is fun living in an archipelago, but it also sometimes puts a different twist on things!

This morning I needed to get a delivery of my cards over to Herm, so had to get down to the harbour in time to get them on the Travel Trident before it left for the lunch time sailing.

This is the harbour that Trident is heading to (Sark is in the background).  I do hope they have a good tourist season this year, which will give me the chance to go over in person to re stock, though to me fair I never need a reason to go there, its stunning.

Then this evening our household is increasing to three as Bailey will be back.  He is a young man (13)  from Sark, its a small island with a population of about 600 and has a good primary school, but they pretty much all leave and board for secondary school.  When I was at school the boys college had a boarding house, but
Aerial view of Sark.North is to the lower left, Little Sark toward the upper right and Brecqhou at bottom right.
that has now closed, so either they go to boarding schools in UK or are put up with 'term time carers' in Guernsey.  And that is where Chris and I step in. We have had Bailey with us know for nearly two years, and it has been great fun, my French and Latin have improved (through helping with homework) but I still don't understand algebra, I leave that to Chris!  I have know his family for nearly twenty years, and as we live near the school and had the space it seemed the natural to offer.  Baileys sister Immie (who is my god daughter) has now passed her enterance exam to the girls school, so everything will change again in September as there will then be four!!!!!
Wish us all luck xxxxx

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