Saturday, 13 April 2013

My proper job

I thought today I would tell you abit about my proper job.  I am very lucky to be the director of the Guernsey Tapestry which is under the elegant St James Concert Hall.

This is a fantastic project that was done by the island to celebrate the Millennium.  It consists of 10 large panels, (depicting the last 1000 years of history) one for each century and (luckily) the island is made up of 10 parishes, so each were allocated one of them. Over 100 islanders volunteered and stitched away for 3 years to have the project completed by the summer of 1999. 
These amazing ladies did the lions share of the stitching but to raise funds for the project it was taken to the schools, fairs, residential home, hospitals as well as Alderney, Herm and Sark were islanders paid £1 to put in some stitches.  So actually thousands took part.
20th century stitched by St Peter Port
Even though it is called a tapestry it is actually canvas work and uses in excess of 25 different stitches, including satin, brick, parisian, knitting and tent. 
detail of the cows, showing tent stitch, upright cross stitch and romanian couching.

Tapestries are a fantastic way of understanding the time line of local history, with the aid of a very good audio guide (in english, french and german!).  Chris thinks I am a pig in mud, because I get to spend every day talking to our lovely visitors about my two favourite subjects - textiles and Guernsey!!!!!!

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