Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sark part two

Right time for part two!
Imogen and Bailey proudly led us up to their new house
 It is beautiful, a gorgeous mix of classic and modern, but even more, this is the view Jill has from her kitchen window, out over the camp site towards France, stunning. 
I don't think I would ever get anything done!
 But the whole reason for the trip was to see Immie in 'Oliver'
and I was very proud that she was wearing a Victorian dress that I had made her,
 for playing Catherine, the daughter of the undertaker.
difficult to take pictures during the show as I didn't want to disturb with the flash.
But it was a brilliant performance with fabulous singing, even more impressive when you consider there are only about 700 people living in Sark.
Bailey up a tree!
Sunday was still beautiful weather, so we decided to head out for a big walk, much needed after all the wine the night before!!!
 Imogen and her dog Ziggie
 Myself, Jill, Immie and Bailey on the cliff path above the harbour
What a stunning day and stunning island
Imogen and I spent alot of the walk collecting wild flowers, thrift, daisies and violets,
and her plait seemed the ideal place to display them.
There are an awful lot of horses in the island, the majority used for the carriages,
 Jill is some times a carriage driver and
 you can see her daughter is very comfortable and relaxed around these huge beautiful animals
And also it seems very comfortable with steers (young bulls!) 
Then it was time to head home, but we did have time to potter round the beautiful old harbour
this is where most of the local fishing boats are based
The tunnel, which is the only land way you can get to this secluded spot
A motor cruiser bombing it back Jersey (the island you can see on the horizon)
before we got on to the Sark boat and headed back in the other direction to Guernsey.
Thank you to all the Gills for a fantastic weekend

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